Salman Khan acquitted in two different cases by the Rajasthan High Court. The court verdict is a huge relied for the Bollywood Actor who was previously sentenced to five years of Jail Term by the lower court. Salman Khan walks free from the Blackbuck and Chinakara cases now.

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There were speculations that the Salman khan may walk free or the jail sentence may get lowered as well. However, Salman Khan acquitted of charges and that will be a double boost for the actor who is presently enjoying the success of his recent movie Sultan. One of the controversial actors, Salman Khan was charged for killing Blackbuck and Chinkara, endangered species along with six others in Rajasthan. He was shooting for the Sooraj Bajrotiya Movie Hum Sath Sath Hain at that time.

This is another relief for Bhai of Bollywood. Salman Khan acquitted of charges from these cases and he was recently relieved from the Hit and Run cases as well. The actor has not responded to the judgment yet. However, there can be a great grand party at his residence following the verdict. He recently celebrated the birthday of his alleged girlfriend Lulia Vantor at his residence and this verdict from Jodhpur High Court can be excellent for him.

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