Saharanpur violence has once again brought the headlines back to the Uttar Pradesh. The torched vehicles and burnt houses are common scenes now. The riots sparked in between the castes. The reports say that the Dalits have been targeted.

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incident started in Shabbirpur village when the Thakurs’ reportedly attacked the Dalits and burnt down at least 25 homes in the village. However, the eyewitnesses said that at least 55 houses were torched. They also said that 5 shops were also torched.

to the reports, the eruption of the riot started when a Thakur youth died in a caste related clash in the village. The Thakurs then attacked the Dalits in retaliation. The eyewitness said that the Thakurs came in vehicles with open sword and razed anything and everything in front of them. The eyewitness said that the Police had presence when the mob over 1000 youth came crashing the grounds.

The demography of the Saharanpur District is typically different than other districts of Uttar Pradesh. The Dalits comprise of 26% of the population and 10% of Thakurs as per the Hindustan times. However, the ratio is 25:6 in Shabbirpur.

The situation has been brought under control but the authorities fear that it can spread to other areas as well. However, the district has been divided into 19 divisions to maintain the law and order. The police is monitoring the situations very closely. Almost 30 people have been arrested so far in this case.