Sachin: A Billion Dream movies has hit the screens and India are ready to witness the gigantic achievements on silver screen. The movie has released in a wide number of screens in India. However, the audience of the movie is majorly the cricket fans. Based on the life of Sachin Tendulkar, the movie tries to pull the audience to the theaters which are more of a documentary and less of a Bollywood movie.

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Considering the PAN India Sachin craze, the movie has been released in multiple languages. People who have grown up by looking at the Superstar of Cricket can relate to the things that occurred on the pitch and off the pitch. Sachin: A Billion Dreams is a movie that showed how a Mumbai boy scaled the heights of the Cricket. However, there is a lack of controversy. There is a striking similarity with the auto-biography of Sachin and the movie. It takes you through the glory and hardly covers the notorious part of the Indian Cricket which everyone wants to know.

However, that does not make it less watchable anyway. It has beautifully narrated, wonderfully told and very beautifully covered. This is a movie that can get the Nostalgia back for the Sachin Fans like me. This would throw you back to the era when winning a match for India was all we prayed.

The Cricket Fever is set to rule but this time on screen. So, if you are interested to see something different, then typical Bollywood love stories, sad songs, rain dance, then go ahead enjoy the making of the Cricketing legend.

“Sachin, Sachin! Sachin, Sachin!”