SAARC Summit cancelled reported The Hindu quoting a source from Nepal, the present Chair of SAARC. India along with three others country have called off the idea to attend the SAARC Summit 2016 at Islamabad. India said that the growing terrorism is the reason while Bangladesh said that growing interference of Pakistan in internal policies is the reason. Bhutan expressed the disturbing violence in the SAARC countries to cancel the plan and Afghanistan showed the growing violence in the country.

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Since none of the country has sought any alternative venue, with all possibilities, SAARC Summit cancelled report has emerged. The sources said the Hindu that as four of the members have abandoned the idea of SAARC Summit 2016 at Islamabad, there is no point in arranging it. The source remained skeptical about any diplomatic breakthrough for the summit to go ahead.

However, the official confirmation of the SAARC Summit cancelled has not come but it seems that isolation of Pakistan has already started. Today, the Defence Minister of Pakistan again reiterated that Pakistan will destroy India with Nuclear Attack in case of any war. He also said that China is in line with them.

It is still not clear whether the Global community would react to continuous provocations of Pakistan which already has very poor reputation of sheltering terrorists and Nuclear Proliferation.

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