S Swathi Murder Case Updates – It has been months since the Infosys Techie left home to go to the office and then never came back in Chennai. She was brutally allegedly murdered by P Ramkumar who is under Police Custody now.

The accused who has been identified by as the stalker and the murdered by the eye witnesses still claim innocence. However, the trial court has asked for video recording of the recreation of the entire scene at the Nungambakkam Railway Station. Police have already done this but a video recording has been asked by the court. The court recently ended the judicial custody of the accused and gave police the custody for further investigation. However, the judicial magistrate will still have control on the entire case.

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S Swathi Murder case updates

As per the last report, Infosys has started the process of compensating the parents of the victim. The company has already forwarded the helping hand in the investigation and this could be another move to stand beside the mourning family in the hour of grieves. Police, on the other hand, has been framed on the involvement of the P Ramkumar for the S Swathi Murder Case.

There have been charges that the Chennai Police fabricating the cases and similar other charges but nothing has been proved in court. The court has denied the bail of P Ramkumar, the main accused in this case and has asked police to carry out the investigation.

Will Police be able to prove the charges against P Ramkumar? Will Chennai see one of the dramatic cases of recent times in court? The S Swathi case has already become the highlight of the country and Chennai Police is leaving no stone unturned to prove the charges against the accused.