Russian Helicopter shot down in Syria killing all the five on board. The incident took place on Monday when the Russian Helicopter was gunned down in the town of Saraqeb in Idlib Province, Reuters reported.

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The images that come across from the site clearly shows that the people dragged out were wearing Russian uniform and the papers were also from Russia. The Russian Defense Ministry has also confirmed that the five people have died heroically.

Russian Helicopter Shot Down
The Helicopter was coming back from Aleppo after distributing the humanitarian aids to the people. The Mi-8 copter was heading for the Khmeimim in Latakia province, Russian Air Base.

Who Shot Down Russian Helicopter?

This is still a mystery as no group has claimed the responsibility. Islamic State is not very much present in the zone where the incident occurred. So, it can be ruled out that ISIS was involved. However, the rebels of Assad Government are very much present there. There are other Islamic Rebels who are backed by the US and allies as well. It is immediately not clear who shot down the Mi-8 Helicopter.

Russian Helicopter Shot down

Will Vladimir Putin Act?

Vladimir Putin, Russian President has always been very strong about the attacks on the parts of Syria. There have been allegations that the civilians were targeted too but Russia has denied those. This is the biggest attacks on Russian forces where loss of life has been officially reported. Putin is known as one of the dynamic leaders and never restricts self to take drastic decisions. Will he act now on the rebels? Will there be more attacks? Many fear that vengeance from Russia may cause loss of lives for civilians as well. However, it has to be seen whether Russia includes the same or not.

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