Russia supports Taliban along with China and Pakistan to end the Islamic State. In a meeting in Moscow, Russia, China, and Pakistan met to end Afghanistan crisis. Ironically, US that has troops in Afghanistan, India that have bestowed investment and Afghanistan itself were not included in the meeting. The meeting has proposed to lift sanctions against the top Taliban leaders. Russia along with China are eventually bringing up the Pakistan version of Good Taliban.

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The Russian Analyst has predicted a risk to Russia India friendship with this. India has recently renewed $10 billion defence deal with Russia and if the situation continues, India may not ink the same amount of deals with Russia in future.

Russia is trying to find friendship with Pakistan, a country which played a crucial role in the fall of USSR. Russia supports Taliban but they are yet again choosing a terrorist organization to defeat terrorism. Pakistan has a poor history of terrorism and it shelters the leaders and Russia and China seeks opportunity out of it to gain control in Afghanistan, a key route to Central Asia.
India has not made any comment so far, but it is believed that the long time ally of Russia will not be impressed at all as Russia supports Taliban. China and Russia are both export based economy and Pakistan does not have huge purchase parity, in such condition, is Russia going in the right direction by forgoing long time ally India that is the second largest arms importer and one of the biggest markets in the world now?

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