RSS remarks of Rahul Gandhi might have given him some light among his fans and the opposition, but the overall tour has ended in disappointment. The President of Congress has tried too much to prove the Congress as the perfect party. He has reopened the old wounds. The 1984 Sikh Riots were not necessary for his party, but he mentioned it just to distance his party from the dark episode.

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Rahul Gandhi compared RSS with Muslim Brotherhood and was in all worries for the country. He spoke about the hatred in India in order to oust the current Government. However, as usual, he jumped the gun to whitewash all the sins of his own party. The 1984 Sikh Riots where even Congress leaders were convicted was invoked. He said the Congress had no role in it. Immediately, there was a backlash, there were tough questions and trouble. The older interviews with Mr. Gandhi resurfaced. The Chief Minister of Punjab, Amrinder Singh came in defence and tried to distance his party from the riots.

Rahul Gandhi went for the kill and terms the opposition allies or friends or ideological partner as bad as an extremist group. RSS remarks of Rahul Gandhi on foreign visits were to ensure that India is being controlled by an Extremist group. But eventually, his party leaders are now defending their own party role in the 1984 riots.

Mr. Gandhi has not really made an impact in the National Politics, apart from his early years. Remarks on RSS on foreign visits would not make any difference, labelling India as an intolerant society will not make any change. The change has to come from within.

Congress party has formed government 90% time in Independent India, and if there are no jobs, as he mentioned, his party cannot put the blame on others entirely. There were many corruption charges, never any party member or the president took any action.
Congress needs to reform as early as possible. The Petty Politics is not really required. India needs a strong opposition, and if Congress continues to do the same, soon a regional party will emerge as the National Opposition.