RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat again quoted controversy by saying that which law restricts Hindus to produce more children. He said that if the Muslim population is growing then Hindu population must grow accordingly. Well, this statement came from the RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat when he was addressing a college in Agra.

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May be this is why RSS needs a young leader and a new focus. The religious sentiments and the statements like producing more kids for Hindus are not really going to raise the popularity of the organization. In fact, these are offensive statements and the urban and educated population will always stay away from any thoughts. This has been the practice, RSS has merely touched the educated population and still focus on “Bharat” instead of “India”.

Indian politics is going through the worst phase in the history now. The Cow Vigilantes are killing people and attacking many. A CM of a State urging people to treat cow as a mother to call themselves India and Dalits or lower caste people are getting mistreated. People are often linking the Kashmir issue with all of these and making it even more complex. Kashmir, Hindutva, and Cow Vigilante are three different issues, and all of these need to be addressed with a different approach.

Organizations like RSS, VHP, and other Right Wings must realign their agenda to ensure that National interest is not hurt by their actions. The opposition is a very important pillar of constructive democracy and for both the government and opposition, Nation should come first.

RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat raised the issue of the population again and that clearly indicates that the organization needs a fresh face to be relevant in the modern era.

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