It was a normal day for Roger Federer but he never knew that he would shock one of his fan. Jesus Aparicio woke up from coma after 11 years and was amazed by his favorite Tennis player.

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Jesus came to consciousness on August 27 and gradually picked the speech power. He asked about family, friends, current affairs and Roger Federer. Well, to all his surprise he came to know that he is still playing and currently at No 2 on ATP ranking. However, the subsequent fact that he has already won 17 Grand Slams made him cover his face in disbelief.

Jesus met an accident back in 2004 and was in coma since then. Federer just started playing then and was doing good. He said that he knew that Federer was a good player but 17 Grand Slams? Not even in distant dreams. The super excited fan of Federer however said that all the players of that age including Andre Agassi, Marat Saffin, Tim Henman and others have retired but Federer is still going strong at 34.

The world has changed in many ways in last 11 years. Smartphones have come to almost every house, Islamic State has come to existence, Queen Elizabeth is still the Queen and many more but he was shocked and absolutely amazed to know about Roger Federer. He wished that if Federer plays the Wimbledon next year, then his dream of watching his favourite player would be complete after 11 years. He spoke to Tennisworld and expressed his reaction on Federer.