Source: AP

Rodrigo Duterte took office in July last year and started a war against the Drug Lords and traffickers. In an opinion poll conducted in December last year almost 85% Filipinos were happy with the Drug War. However, the Extra Judicial Killings have now crossed thousands. Some of the figures suggest the number be as high as 8000.

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There is no law in the urban slum dwelling in the Philippines now echo major news agencies. The Human Rights Observatory organizations outright tell the crimes and the killings that are taking place on the streets. Butchered bodies, severed head, punctured bodies and blood pool on the streets of Philippines have become common now. Since Rodrigo Duterte assumed power, he has maintained to kill the drug traffickers and drug lords to eradicate drug from the country. However, the attempt has now taken the form of mass murder and total chaos in the country. The Police and the vigilante mobs are killing people at will and majority are poor slum dwellers of Philippines.

Catholic Church has now come against the President and the Government. One of the lawyers has even filed a case in the International Criminal Court in The Hague to charge the president with Mass Murder.

Any attempt to eradicate drug is always appreciated but what the Philippines has done is beyond imagination. It is slowly reaching the stage of the 1970s when the Cambodian Genocide killed thousands under the dictator. Rodrigo Duterte may not be a dictator as of now, but the lawlessness and the vigilante justice of Philippines may soon make him one.