Riwari Rape – 19 years old girl kidnapped and gang raped by 12

In the troubled time, Riwari rape case has emerged as a concern about women safety. A 19-year-old girl from a village near Rewari was allegedly gang raped by 12 people. The girl who had attained glory for her excellent academic results and was facilitated for the same was first kidnapped as per the FIR. A zero FIR has been reported in this case which will be subsequently transferred as per the investigation. The girl was returning home from coaching when three people kidnapped her in a car. She was forced to drink laced with sedatives.

As per the FIR, she was taken to a farm in Jhajjar District where 12 men gang-raped her. After that, she was left near a bus stand. The family of the girl has also raised the attitude of the police. The FIR was not registered at the police station. However, after a zero FIR which can be filed anywhere irrespective of the crime location, an investigation has started. The reports claimed that all the accused belong to the same village as that of the victim. The perpetrators also threatened the teenager of dire consequences if the matter is reported to the police. However, the family showed the courage and reported the matter.

So far, nothing much has been reported about the Riwari Rape case investigation. However, verification of the details has already started. A manhunt is also possible during the course of the investigation.

This is yet another shocking case of women violation in Haryana and in India. The reported cases of rape and gang rape have increased in the last few years and Government has strengthened many laws to bring the victims the justice.