Rishi Kapoor reply to Congress on Public Toilet is Pure Gold

Rishi Kapoor recently stirred controversy. He asked why everything has to be named for Gandhi Family and created uproar in the media. The veteran of Bollywood is known for his foul tweets but that time he is just irked the Congress supporters. They went on to name a Public Toilet unofficially of course on Rishi Kapoor in Allahabad. But Rishi Kapoor reply to congress on the same has shown more maturity than his earlier tweet.

Rishi Kapoor Reply to Congress

Rishi Kapoor said that he is very happy at least that he would be useful for someone with the Public Toilet. He then attacked the Congress Loyalists and said that they are good for nothing. He said that he takes the pride as the Public Toilet has been named after him.

He, however, said that he has nothing against the Nehru or Gandhi family. He also clarified that he is not against any of the family members as well. He, however, said that that there are people exploiting the name of the family and he is against that. He said that he is for national importance instead of any family be it, Nehru or Gandhi.

He recently sparked the controversy with his tweet that everything is named after these two families. Congress Party members also demonstrated outside his house in Mumbai. He was asked to apologize as well.

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