Ever since the Dadri Killing happened, the beef controversy has failed to cease. Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar now racked up even bigger controversy. In an interview to the Indian Express, he said that Muslims can live in this country but they have to give up eating beef. The new controversy has again raised serious questions on growing religious intolerance in India.

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What Haryana CM Khattar said

Khattar said that Muslims and Christians can live in India with freedom but beef has to be banned. The Haryana Parliament is planning to pass a bill under which heavy fine will be imposed on cow slaughter. The vehicle carrying the cow for slaughter may also get impounded. He said that he respects democracy and freedom but that does not mean one’s freedom should hurt others. Slaughter of cow cannot be allowed considering the Hindu values.

Impact of this statement

Politicians have always made controversial statements and that has been widely debated. This is not different either. People have failed to understand the logic behind giving up beef eating when India is one of the biggest beef exporters in the world. If it is inline with the animal protection then there should be ban on chicken and meat as well. However, nothing as such has been commented. This can be seen as a biased statement for one section of the community by ignoring the others. India is a country with many faiths and one cannot be imposed with something by virtu of the others.

Impact on Poll

Experts say that this may have deep impact on Bihar Polls as well. Religious Intolerance may drastically affect the outcome of the Bihar Polls.

Like everyone else, he has denied all and said he has been misunderstood.