Ravindra Gaikwad is the MP who has initiated the process of cleansing of the Political Pride in India. The representatives of people have by now forgotten that they are mere electives of people and not the king of the country. However, people like Ravindra Gaikwad who dared to slap an Air India employee for doing his duty have been grounded.

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He was first blacklisted by Air India to travel and was forced to take the train. He then tried other Private Airlines and was ground again. He then reportedly tried to book tickets under another name. However, he got no result. He has now been reportedly grounded again by Spicejet after snubbing from other major airline carriers in India.

Many Politicians have come in support of him. However, understanding the public sentiment, they choose to be in mild support. However, that has not been enough. The politicians have asked to remove the flying ban on him and said that the Air India was equally responsible. Well, the Air India was adamant and they have every reason to be. However, the best part is that the top flying carriers have refused him. He had tried in Indigo, Spicejet, Jet Airlines and other private airlines and was grounded every time.

He hasn’t shown any remorse and intent for an apology. He tried to push a staff, he delayed a flight and created a nuisance and created a pathetic experience for the travellers scheduled go on that very flight and the staffers of Air India.

But who gave him the permission? The politicians should understand that they are the representatives of us, one among us, and not King, without us, they are nothing.