Ravi Shastri and Sourav Ganguly

Well, nobody said that but Ravi Shastri targeting Sourav Ganguly and that is quite visible. His latest interview on the entire coach selection process has opened up the debate of the coach selection process and the controversies around it. Ravi Shastri is obviously gutted as he was not appointed by the Cricket Advisory Committee headed by Sourav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar, and VVS Laxman. However, his disappointment is now disturbing Indian cricket.

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There is too much in the Indian media about “Dadagiri” commonly called about the actions of Sourav Ganguly for the entire coach selection. However, no reference can be drawn for the selection of Anil Kumble as Head Coach that shows biased selection.

Ravi Shastri Targeting Sourav Ganguly and many have said that Ganguly and CAC violated norms to select Anil Kumble. Well, first catch up the controversies and allegations against Sourav Ganguly here.

Repay to Anil Kumble

The first thing that media published that Ganguly repaid Anil Kumble for not picking him in 2003 World Cup Final. It was some 13 years ago when a captain did not pick his experienced bowler and lost the World Cup final. But they have continued to play with each other for 5 more years. However, media suddenly found the repayment. Well, they are professional players and Kumble has been one of the most prolific match winners for India and he did not really need any repayment for anyone.

Sourav Ganguly was not at Ravi Shastri Interview

Ravi Shastri opened up and said that Ganguly was not even in the interview and said he had a good interview otherwise and praised the panels as well. He clearly indicated that it was Ganguly who opposed the selection of him. Ravi Shastri Targeting Sourav Ganguly and it was evident from his interview as well. But the relevance of his claims can be better understood if the selection process is considered.  Now, there were 3 other members and if any of the 2 have voted for him, he would have been selected not considering the Ganguly’s presence. It is all about the majority not about Sourav Ganguly and former director of Indian Cricket Ravi Shastri has just missed that before pointing it to CAB president Sourav Ganguly.

The terms between Ravi Shastri and Sourav Ganguly have never been great and the non-selection of the coach just fueled the controversy. It is the time when Indian Cricket should look forward and everyone should support Anil Kumble as the coach rather than creating unnecessary controversies.