Ravi Shastri as India Coach – How Virat Kohli Anil Kumble fight is looking staged now

Ravi Shastri as India Coach may become reality again. According to the reports, the former director of Indian Cricket is set to reapply for the Coach Job after BCCI gave an extension. He was rejected by the CAC last year when he lashed out at Sourav Ganguly for rejecting him. He was considered a front runner and the first choice of Captain Virat Kohli. However, things changed since then.

Virat Kohli and Anil Kumble fight, is now looking to be staged by the skipper to bring in Ravi back to the fray. There should be the help of BCCI officials as well. Virat has often shown his interests for Ravi Shastri as India coach.

However, it was never materialized as CAC was against it. The moment Anil Kumble stepped down and BCCI increased the timeline for application of the coach, there were expectations that Ravi Shastri would apply for the post. It looks now almost certain that he would come back to head role of the team. He has the support of the Captain and the team. However, he needs to impress the same CAC that rejected him last time. But does that matter? Does CAC have enough powers?

As per the reports, BCCI has followed the choice of the captain and the players. In that case, the CAC may be directed to pick Ravi Shastri over the others. CAC has the role in recommending the name of the head coach and BCCI has the ultimate authority to hire the candidate. If Ravi Shastri as India coach becomes reality, then Virat Kohli Anil Kumble saga may turn out to be one of the most silently played conspiracies in the modern day cricket.

There will be questions and every one of us has the right to ask. People follow cricket and people have made the cricketers stars. People are passionate about the team and BCCI may not be able to evade all of the questions that people have in mind. It may become Coachgate for Indian Cricket Team.