Rare Books
Source: Met Police

Rare books were stolen from a warehouse Heathrow back in 2017. This was one of the most sophisticated heists and books worth almost £2.5mn were stolen. The books were not only highly valued but extremely precious. Some of the books were written by the legendary Italian Astronomer Galileo, Copernicus, Francisco Goya, and Sir Isaac Newton. The books were found under a tiled floor at a house in rural Romania.

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The rare books were in the warehouse waiting to be shipped to the United States. An auction was arranged at the US for the books. However, thieves cut holes in the roof and abseiled down, Standard reported. It avoided the motion sensors and winched back the books in 16 large bags.

The hopes of finding those books were nothing but over.

However, Romanian detectives did a favor to mankind by pursuing the case. During a search in Neamt in Moldavia.

Detectives were working with Romanian and Italian colleagues alongside the Europol and Eurojust to trace back the books.

Detective Inspector Andy Durham said,

“This recovery is a perfect end to this operation. These books are extremely valuable, but more importantly, they are irreplaceable and are of great importance to international cultural heritage.”

The Met Investigation identified the suspects as part of the organized crime group of Romania. In June, at least 45 addresses in England, Italy, and Romania were raided.

So far, 13 people have been charged with burglaries. Twelve of them have pleaded guilty and face sentencing later this month. The trial for the 13th cohort begun in March.