Ranveer Singh Shah Rukh Khan are now leading the news in Bollywood. Shah Rukh Khan is considered the Badshah of Bollywood and if anyone can replace the King Khan, Ranveer Singh. But Ranveer Singh Shah Rukh Khan affection went beyond when the Ranveer recreated the song from Darr for Shah Rukh Khan right from where it was shot, Switzerland.

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Ranveer Singh is vacationing in Switzerland and he has shot a video after recreating the song “Jadu Teri Nazar” from the movie Darr famous for K-K-Kirran of Shah Rukh Khan. Here is the video.

However, whatever followed was truly beyond the stardom of the two very popular Bollywood stars. Shah Rukh replied to Ranveer Singh with all grace and full energy. The praise and the humbleness of SRK were also present and that made sensation. The tweet of Ranveer Singh made SRK’s morning and the tweet of SRK just extended the Ranveer Singh Shah Rukh Khan saga.


Shah Rukh Khan made Ranveer Singh feel special and the return affection from Ranveer Singh is even more special. Well, the industry is known for the Bromance and Ranveer Singh Shah Rukh Khan are heading towards the same.

Ranveer Singh has jelled with almost everyone for his sporty nature but Bhai Salman Khan is not too impressed with him and he used some tough words against him as well during the release of Sultan, Ranveer gave him royal ignorance too.

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