All the fans are mulling about the movie of Ranveer Singh Katrina Kaif together. There are rumours that Ranveer has once already turned down such an offer as his girlfriend Deepika Padukone is not in good terms with Katrina. There are also reports that Ranveer Singh is trying to mediate between the two and has been asked to reconsider by Zoya Akhtar. Well, this news sounds interesting but this view looks a bit weird as well.

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Katrina Kaif dated Ranbir Kapoor and then recently got separated. However, both are professionals and came back to complete the shoot of the movie Jagga Jassos. They are in fact promoting the movie together. Katrina Kaif has shared selfies with Ranbir Kapoor from the Jagga Jassos set. Remember the Koffee with Karan show when Katrina blew off everyone’s mind with her answers. She was so overwhelming and charming that even Deepika Padukone took Twitter to acknowledge the same. You know why? The same old professionalism is the reason. Now, let’s come to Ranveer Singh who rumoured to be in a relationship with Deepika Padukone. They both have not confessed about their relationship. Deepika dated Ranbir and Ranbir dumped her for Katrina. So, the equation may not be very good between the two ladies. However, that does not really stop Ranveer to act in a movie with Katrina Kaif. Ranveer Singh is very professional and would certainly not consider this.

It may be true that Ranveer Singh Katrina Kaif movie was planned and offered, however, the turning down can be for many reasons. There can be date issues, he might not have liked the script and much more. So, it is very easy to come to a conclusion without figuring out many angles. So, when there would be good script and availability of dates for both the stars, it is possible that they come together, and as a professional, I am sure, Deepika Padukone won’t mind that.