Ramkumar identification parade has reportedly completed today in Punzhal Jail. This is the most significant part of the investigation and case against the S Swathi Murder Suspect who has denied any wrongdoing. Chennai Police confirmed that the identification parade will be held in the jail and it should be a major breakthrough in this case.

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Ramkumar identification parade

The passengers who also traveled on the fateful day at the Nungambakkam Railway Station had reportedly been called. They needed to identify the culprit from other jail inmates. Previously, the eyewitnesses said that the person they located have similarities with the person they saw on CCTV footage. However, it will be interesting to see the outcome with the naked eye.

Progress so far

Ramkumar identification parade holds immense significance as the accused has strictly maintained the stance of not committing the crime. The lawyer and his father also blamed the police for fabricating the case against him. It has been told that Police or the people associated with them slit the throat of Ramkumar so that he fails to speak the truth.

The bail plea of Ramkumar has already been rejected once. The defense council is preparing an even stronger case to get him bail from the Infosys Techie Murder Case.