Guru Ram Rahim was sentenced by the CBI Court on the account of raping his followers dated back to 2002. The self-styled God man was sentenced to 20 years of a sentence for two different raping charges. The media initially wrongly reported that the Guru was sentenced to 10 years on the basis of the judgement pronounced at 3.30 PM. However, the judge handed over another judgement at around 4.30 PM for another 10 years of the sentence and clarified that both of the sentences would not run concurrently. This clearly means that the Baba has to spend at least 20 years in Prison. Well, there are murder charges pending against him and his sentence can increase in coming time.

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Ram Rahim is known for his Rockstar approach and making a sequel of his movies. However, as DNA reported that the Baba got his own taste and got a sequel of prison duration. In simple words, Baba would now spend most of his remaining life behind the bars. Well, that is quite less for a person who misused the trust of people and cheated in the name of religion. The CBI court rightly showed no mercy to the Godman. However, he pleaded and asked for forgiveness, reports told. He even refused to go out of the court room and wept. Well, his sins are too big to be forgiven.

The legal team of Dera will take the case to the High Court. However, the legal experts believe that there is hardly any chance for the Rockstar Baba to get any relief. His fate has been sealed and rightly so. The democracy of India has once again bulldozed the evil spirits that continue to run across our society.