Ram Gopal Verma raises questions on Mumbai Police or is he throwing sarcasm?

Ram Gopal Verma, the ace director has questioned the Mumbai Police. In a series of tweets, he asked whether all the cases of Mumbai police should be given to CBI. He asked, why only Sushant’s case, why not other cases as well? He is asking for justice for others.

Well, as we know Ram Gopal Verma, he can be very sarcastic. He might just be taking a dig at the people questioning the credibility of the Mumbai Police. Ram Gopal Verma asked in of his tweets that is Mumbai Police dishonest only in the case for Sushant’s case or is it in general? Probably, he didn’t like the whole matter of transferring the case from Mumbai police to CBI. It was a decision of the Supreme Court of India and the debate must be stopped now.

The credibility of the Mumbai police has never been questioned. It has always been the political pressure on the police for people. The way ruling Shiv Sena has responded to the entire Sushant Singh Rajput death case has only increased suspicions of people. Sanjay Raut, Shiv Sena leader has even questioned the father of the victim and Maharashtra government did not let Bihar Police investigate the matter as well. It was the Supreme Court who had to come and decide the fate of the case.

Political leaders and celebrities should let the law takes its own course. It does not matter what Home Minister of Maharashtra or Sanjay Raut or Ram Gopal Verma thinks about the case. The Supreme Court decided that it should be investigated by the CBI and the debate must end here.