Rahul Gandhi as President of the Congress is not very far now. The Vice-President of Congress, Mr. Gandhi is set to take the bastion from his mother. The seat has traditionally been held by some or the other from the Gandhi Family starting from Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister. Congress has, of course, faced the tough questions on dynasty politics and could never answer it. Basically, the answer is clear that Congress Party is run by the Gandhi family. There was a time when the strong leaders ran the party well, but now, Congress gets even lesser seats than the Regional Parties. Narendra Modi led BJP has ensured that Congress is pushed back. But what Congress has done as a political party? Well, Rahul Gandhi as President of the Party is what they have done. Will it work? Well, quantitatively and analytically, it will not make any difference. However, it may give some boost to the followers who hoped Rahul Gandhi would re-energize the party. But Congress is a bigger threat than ever faced after the emergency period, thanks to Rahul Gandhi and the other Congress leaders.

Lack of Leaders

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The leadership quality of Rahul Gandhi has always been debated. He has not been able to hold the charisma that he once enjoyed as the Youth Leader of India. The senior leaders who were in and around do not get involved or do more harm than helping him. Probably, he does not listen to anyone and knowing the structure of the Party, this is quite feasible as well. Leaders like Sashi Tharoor, Manmohan Singh, Kapil Sibbal, P Chidambaram, Manish Tewari and others have not come in front of the scene. In other words, Congress is running out of leaders.

What will Rahul Gandhi do?

Rahul Gandhi may not do anything more as per as the policy of the party is concerned. Rahul has been running the party since long as his ailing mother Sonia Gandhi has not been keeping well, these days. So, there will not a major shift in the policy and it will be the same, it used to be for Congress.

Congress needs change and Rahul Gandhi as President is not the change. Their leaders must come out and reach out to the people. They must admit the mistakes they have committed and then start fresh.