Rahul Gandhi Narendra Modi face off is common but the day finally arrived that many anticipated. Congress Vice President finally spelled out the corruption charges against Prime Minister Modi.

The Earthquake Claim

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Rahu Gandhi once said that when he wil speak, there wil be earthquake. His allegations however did not have that power. He blamed Modi of accepting bribe from Sahara Conglomerate. Mr. Gandhi said that as per the details of IT department, the then CM of Gujarat Narendra Modi accepted huge amount of money from 2013-2014. Here is the details.

Rahul Gandhi decided to reveal the details in the home state of Gujarat. However, many from his own party would have wanted him to do that in Parliament during Winter Season. He also alleged that PM Modi took whopping 12 Crores from Birla Group. The IT Department raided Sahara on 22 November in 2014.

Rahul Gandhi Narendra Modi face off did not end there. Mr. Gandhi decided to attack the PM for the cash crunch. He also said that he has bombarded the farmers. He clarified that All Cash is not Black and All Black is not in Cash.

Rahul Gandhi also targeted Modi and said the BJP does not release the names shared by the Swiss Bank. BJP will strongly react to this and it can be easily said that Rahul Gandhi Narendra Modi face off has just began.


Here is the details shared by Rahul Gandhi on the corruption charges against Narendra Modi from Sahara group.

October 30, 2013 – 2.5 Crores

November 12, 2013 – 5 Crores

November 27, 2013- 2.5 Crors

November 29, 2013- 5 Crores

December 6, 2013 -5 Crores

December 19, 2013 -5 Crores

January 13, 2014 -5 Crores

January 24, 2014 -5 Crores

February 22, 2014 – 5 Crores

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