Rahul Gandhi Foreign Tours have always been the topic of discussions for the National Politics in India. The Vice President of the Indian National Congress often flies abroad at crucial times to holiday. Indian politics has changed in recent years and Congress has reached a new low in the country. One after the other state is going out of hand and it is becoming irrelevant in National Politics.

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The Modi Wave that started in 2014 Parliamentary Election has given shockwaves to the Congress and the Rahul Gandhi Foreign Tours and lack of charisma have further dented the revival chances of the party. The Congress Vice President has received many flacks for touring unknown destinations, especially during the New Year. The ANI reported that he has come back on Monday night and would meet the leaders.

In his absence, the SP feud has gone wider. The polls of five states have been declared. All the parties are campaigning hard in all of the states and Congress, as usual, is looking blank. A leader lead by example but Congress Party has missed that since a long time.

There is absolutely no harm in Rahul Gandhi Foreign tours but as a leader, he must understand the sentiments of the people. Once people famously said that “Country is in Pain and Rahul is in Spain”, and being one of the top most leaders of the country he must ensure that it is not repeated. His credibility is at stake and he has been taking responsibility for defeat for a long time. It is the time that he comes in front and turn around to revive his party before it’s too late.

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