Qandeel Baloch Killer – A Drug Addict Kills Sister for Honour

Qandeel Baloch killer proudly said that he is proud to kill his sister and protect the honour of his family. He gave a chilling message to the world that how Pakistan Honour Killing has reached a stage from where restoring faith in humanity looks nearly impossible. Wasim, brother of Qandeel Baloch, a drug addict went on to kill his sister for posting videos and photos on social media. His thoughts about women are even horrifying as he said that women should be at home and their job should be to protect the honour of the family. It simply signifies the condition of the women in Pakistan. He is proud of killing and was seen hardly remorse as he was arrested by Police.

Police said Wasim has been arrested and he has confessed to the crime. He also told the entire scenario what really happened on Friday night.

Qandeel Baloch Killer – How a Drug Addict Brother Killed his Sister for Honour

Wasim declared that his sister was unaware of the fact that she is going to be killed. He met her that night and drugged her. He then strangled her to death. He said that incident took place at night around 10 PM and the post-mortem report also suggests that her death was at the same time. After killing her he flew to his native village along with his two friends. So far he has claimed that he has killed his sister alone and no one is really involved in this killing. However, the police are also investigating the role of all the siblings of Qandeel Baloch and his parents too.

Parents of Qandeel Baloch has nominated his son for the murder and asked for police protection as well during the funeral of the Social Media sensation Qandeel Baloch. Her drug addict brother may have killed her but there were many people present at her funeral from locals to activists.

The chilling death of Qandeel Baloch and the message of Qandeel Baloch killer will haunt Pakistan and Social Media for a long time. Honour killing has long been an issue in Pakistan but hardly any measure has been taken. An amendment was tried in the law for Honour Killing but that has also been squashed by the elected representatives.

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