Puppies Burnt Alive in Hyderabad recently by minors. They were merely school students and the gruesome act they did and shot on video was outrageous. They have been detained, there are protects and Police is investigating. But the problem is not going to be solved like this. The cruelty that is increasing in the mind of the people is a greater concern. If anything has to be addressed then it is finding the root cause.

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The stray dogs are often loved by people and then millions are also neglected and tortured. The root of the problem is that the dogs are unwanted. Love and affection come from the bonding and when people do not want to let go something or someone. However, the stray dogs are obviously not among them. The dogs often starve and often get kicked.

At a time when puppies burnt alive by minors , the authorities must wake up. The love should be showered on the stray animals. There should be proper arrangements for food, there should be places where they can stay. The stray animals should not be unwanted and left to die.

It is high time that kindness is brought back to the society, India needs a social reform. Puppies Burnt alive in Hyderabad is just a mere example where the cruelty was imposed upon helpless animals, but there are many examples where even people go through the same or worse torture. India needs change and the language of love.

Everyone needs to take the initiative and change the society. Everything cannot be left to Government, because we’re are the society and we need to change.

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