Priyanka Chopra is one of the well-known celebrity worldwide. She has carved a niche of her own and she managed to create a buzz abroad. In her upcoming Hollywood movie, Priyanka Chopra has got a meaty role and it seems that she has managed to deliver a great performance in a negative role. However, back in India, she has joined the nepotism debate and supporting Kangana Ranaut, the ‘Baywatch’ star mentioned that she too felt the presence of rampant nepotism in the industry.

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Priyanka Chopra in an interview mentioned that in her early days in Bollywood, she lost many vital roles because some other actresses have got a recommendation from actors and producers. She went on to say that she cried and suffered a lot due to the prevalent nepotism, but she managed to get over it with the help of her hard work and perseverance. She also mentioned one of the instances where she was kicked off the movie at the last moment due to recommendations. Priyanka also mentioned that although the star kids get the preference but they sometimes undergo tremendous pressure to live up to their parent’s star status.

While talking about her industry experience, she said the stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Ranvir Singh are all self-made and outsiders must not get bogged down due to nepotism. A few days back, Kangana Ranaut accused Karan Johar of nepotism and Karan blatantly denied it. But now it seems Priyanka Chopra has put her weight behind Kangana with her nepotism statement.

Now it remains to be seen that how Karan Johar will counter Priyanka’s arguments.