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Bollywood reduced to Zumba Class, that is what Bollywood turned Hollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra said on the famous, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Well, before you deduce a conclusion, let me assure you that she has been very much vocal about Bollywood and as usual supported the global role of Indian rather than Bollywood Movies.

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Priyanka Chopra is one of the hot favourites for the Americans in the Chat Show and she was recently invited to The Late Show which is hosted by the famous comedian, Stephen Colbert. Well, as usual, the PeeCee was quick to create an atmosphere with her answers. However, when she was asked about the Bollywood, she said that for others Bollywood reduced to Zumba Class but this is not the fact. She is known for her answers and this time she supported her answer with facts as well.

Priyanka Chopra was quite clear that the Bollywood Music is no longer dance numbers and the others should realize it. She did mention a quality point about the Indian Movie Industry and spelled out that India is not only about Hindi Movies but also about many other movies made in different regional languages.

Priyanka Chopra has again won the scenes with the Chat Show and with her comments, it is time for others to accept, that India produces thousands of movies per year including all the regional movies. Bollywood reduced to Zumba Class is a powerful statement from the actress and the image could change as more quality movies gain popularity in the Western World.

Priyanka would soon feature in Baywatch Movie alongside Zac Affron and Dwayne Smith aka The Rock. She is a popular face for her TV Series Quantico in the United States.