The latest Facebook hoax is to tell Facebook not to use the information shared on the account. The new status update says that once the message is copied on the wall, Facebook cannot use it. Well, there are some particular truths about it and everyone must understand it.

Facebook Terms and Conditions

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When a person signed up with Facebook, the terms and condition say that all information that you share on this platform can be used by Facebook for promotional purpose. However, if any user removes the content then it cannot be used. It is pretty simple and fair too. Facebook does not sell your photos and neither does it breach the condition.
Now, coming back to the Facebook Hoax, it is the waste of time and user is part of a hoax. This is surfacing since 2012 reports Telegraph and since then it has changed the content.

Facebook Hoax

In the Facebook Hoax, UCC 1-308- 1 1 308-103 and the Rome Statute is mentioned and it has been told that Facebook will be punished. UCC that stands for Uniform Commercial Code is for invoking legal rights and Roman Statue is used for International Criminal Court. So, the users will basically, trial Facebook in international criminal court for using the information as per the Facebook Hoax.

Stop Spreading Hoax and Keep Facebooking.