Nancy Pelosi
Source: Politico

Presidential Election 2020 is heating up in the US. The United States is only 9 days away from the 2020 election where Donald Trump and Joe Biden would fight for the Presidential post. However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has her own plans.

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Pelosi insisted that she would seek a second term as the House Speaker provided Democrats to gain control of the senate. She is currently the House Speaker and wants to continue the same.

Nancy Pelosi became the first woman to be the House Speaker in 2007 and continued till 2011. However, when Republicans gained control, she lost her position until 2018. In 2018, Democrats got back their majority after mid-poll and Nancy Pelosi was yet again the House Speaker, CNN reported.

Many from her close circuits say that Pelosi has the ambition to become President of the United States and she is taking her steps towards the same direction.

Well, there are plans for everyone. However, it is not only about Donald Trump or Joe Biden, it seems the others are also dreaming about their positions post-election.

Various surveys have provided mixed responses on the Presidential Election 2020 so far. Some indicated Joe Biden is cruising ahead and some gave an advantage to the incumbent President Donald Trump.

No matter what the result is a bit this has to be one of the most interesting election campaigns in the history of the United States.