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President Trump promotes Ivanka Trump as the first woman president of the US. Addressing people, President Trump mentioned that he wants to see the first woman president of the country. However, he quickly reminded people that she should not be Democratic Vice President Candidate Kamala Harris.

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Trump launched an attack on Harris and said she is incompetent. He even mocked her performance in New Hampshire. He said that he does not think she should be the President. Trump argued that he does not want to see a woman President get into the top position who is incompetent. Then came a pause. Amidst cheers from the crowd, he said, “they are all saying ‘we want Ivanka’”. He added, “I don’t blame them” reported the hill.

Harris is the first colored nomination for a major presidential candidate. She recently launched all attacks on Trump and told that he has failed to do his basic duty to keep America safe. She was pointing towards the handling of coronavirus pandemic.

Donald Trump has often criticized her since she has nominated as the vice-presidential candidate. Donald Trump is now officially the candidate for the Republicans.

American never had a woman president in history. They came very near to elect one, last time with Hilary Clinton. However, Donald Trump won the historic election which many thought a huge upset.

With Trump promoting Ivanka Trump for the first woman president of the USA, it seems the eye is on 2024 elections as well. Would Ivanka Trump contest the elections next time, that is a question that time can only answer. However, her interest in politics is no secret. She held different portfolios in the White House before under the presidency of her father.

The American vote for the Presidential Election on November 3.

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