President Election of India has broken the Opposition parties yet again. Mamata Banerjee along with Congress tried hard to form the opposition against the ruling BJP Government. As usual at the last moment, Ram Nath Kovind, a former lawyer, political leader and present Governor of Bihar was nominated by the BJP.

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The opposition again failed to read the tactics and Congress went for the kill without realizing the tactics of BJP. A Day after BJP announced the candidate, the opposition started breaking. BJD Chief Naveen Patnaik has already confirmed the support for BJP, the regional parties down south TRS, AIADMK (both fractions) and YSR Congress have pledged their support for the NDA Nominee. Samajwadi Party, BSP, and JDU have also hinted that they may support Mr. Ram Nath Kovind for President. Mamata Banerjee and Congress President Sonia Gandhi will be left red faced now as BJP has already got the required mandate and Ram Nath Kovind may have an easy access to the President House.

However, the opposition may put a candidate in a contest to challenge, but that may yield no result.
Here is the statistics that need to be known.

NDA has 48.9% of Electoral Collage Vote in the President Election. Now, TRS (2%), BJD (2.99%), AIADMK (5.99%), YSR Congress (1.53%) have already supported the candidate. So, the vote reaches 60.8% for the NDA which is much more than the required votes. Now, In case, SP (2.37%), JD(U) (1.91%) and BSP (0.86%) support the candidate, then it may reach around 65.98%.
Congress and TMC will be left to the shadows again. The master stroke from BJP has once again left the opposition clueless.