Premier League drops Black Lives matter slogan
Source: Sky News

Premier League will no longer have the Black Lives Matter slogan on the t-shirts. However, it will be replaced with No Room for Racism, its own anti-racism campaign. The change will be reflected over the weekend when the competition resumes.

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When the season re-started in the summer after the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter slogan was added to the kit. This was done after global anti-racism protest following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The Chief Executive of Premier League, Richard Masters,


We, our clubs, players, and match officials have a long-standing commitment to tackling discrimination.

“Players rightly have a strong voice on this matter, which we saw last season. We have continued to talk and listen to players on this issue and will support them as well as continuing to emphasize the Premier League’s position against racism.

“Discrimination in any form, anywhere, is wholly unacceptable and No Room for Racism makes our zero-tolerance stance clear,” reported Sky News.

He further said that they will continue to stand on this very important issue and work with clubs, players, and partners to address the prejudice behavior.

Former Stoke City player, Karl Henry, previously distanced himself from the movement. He tweeted his opinion about it.

Conservative MP Ben Bradley previously asked Premier League to drop the slogan as the movement was showing division over the issue.

Premier League clarified that they do not support any political organization or movement, nor support any group that calls for violence.

The debate started after many BLM protests ended up in violence. Violence during the Black Lives Matter protest has become common in the US and other parts of the world as well.

The Premier League now has distanced itself from the slogan and the movement, but remained committed towards the cause.