Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

Pre Election Polls from various agencies have depicted a picture that most of the media is not covering. According to the mainstream American media, Donald Trump is losing. People are out on the streets against Trump. The African-American voters are fed up with Trump and Joe Biden is set to become the 46th President of the United States. But what does the poll say?

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Let’s talk about one by one.

Hill Harris X Polls

The Hill Harris X Polls were conducted between August 22 to August 25. The first two days Republican convention happened as well. What does the poll say? It says 24 percentage of Black Americans approve Trump. How does that matter? It matters a lot. In the same poll conducted between August 8 to August 11, only 15 percent approved Trump.

The support of the Hispanic voters grew by 2% as well to 32 percent in the recent poll.

However, out of the total registered voters, 44% approve Trump as the next president, a dip of 1%.

He is still a favorite in rural areas with 53% support. However, does not do well in urban and sub-urban areas with 42% support.

America is going for the election on November 3rd. So, the percentage can still change. However, that does not mean that Joe Biden should not fancy his chances.

Zogby Polls

As per Zogby Pre Election polls, Donald Trump has 52% approval of the registered voters. The poll also says that 36% of African Americans approve Trump whereas 37% Hispanics throw their weight behind him. At this time of Presidency, even Barrack Obama had a slightly lower approval.

Rasmussen Polls

Rasmussen Polls say that 46% of US voters are likely to approve President Trump for his performance. Among this, 37% strongly approve his performance and 45% strongly disapprove.

Gallup Poll of African American

This is a different kind of poll but gives insights. This says that 61% of Black Americans want equal or even more policing in the neighborhoods and not less by any means. So, that again approves the claim of Trump. The media may be missing something here.

These Pre-election polls surely depict that there are disapprovals of his performance. There are issues, but he is not battling a lost battle at all. The African Americans are perhaps not entirely against him. Possibly, America is not against heavy policing. Probably Media has a narrative that is not exactly true.

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