Pratysuha Banerjee committed suicide

Pratyusha Banerjee committed suicide as per the reports. The Balika Badhu fame Pratyusha reportedly hang herself at her residence in Mumbai. The Police reported that she has committed suicide and her friends have also confirmed the news. The talented actress was reportedly upset over her love relation with Rahul Singh with whom she was to be married. The reports said that she was not happy with something and she was going through emotional turbulence. The 24 year old actress has been pronounced dead when she was taken to hospital. (Pratyusha Banarjee suicide or Murder? – Read Here)

Pratysuha Banerjee committed suicide

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News has been confirmed that Pratysuha Banerjee committed suicide  at her residence. However, investigation is still on and the police has not released any statement. The news has however shocked every person in the industry. She was young and dynamic and the entire future was before her. However, she decided to commit suicide over her personal reasons rather moving ahead in career. The talented actress came to fame when she appeared for Balika Badhu, a popular TV Series. She was also featured in the Bigg Boss 7 and Jhalak Dikhla Ja 5.

Pratysuha Banerjee committed suicide – Controversies

Pratysuha Banerjee committed suicide and this was something people expected. She has tried to attempt the same before. However, in her short life, she has been the center of many controversies. She allegedly dumped her show Balika Badhu for Bigg Boss. However, she later came to the news as she reported that six men allegedly molested her in her flat in Mumbai dressed as police. However, the recent controversy was with her dues for her residence.

She was an wonderful actress and she was young. RIP Prayusha Banerjee.