Pragati Maidan is one of the iconic trade centers in India. The modern exhibition cum convention center in New Delhi has been one of the major signs of progress for India since 1972. However, everything is going to be changed and that too pretty soon.

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The Ministry of Commerce and the IECC have decided to revamp the entire Pragati Maidan for over 2000 Crores INR to build an iconic structure for the modern India. The exhibition and convention center would be built to become one of the best in its genre in the world. If everything goes well and accordingly, then the new look Pragati Maidan would host the G20 Summit in 2019.

The new look Exhibition cum Trade cum Convention Center would be spread over 123 acres almost double of its present size. It would have 500 room hotel, equipped and modern food and beverage complex, pools, moving floors, exhibition malls and even helipad, as per sources. The IECC is under Indian Trade Promotion Organisation or ITPO. It is however not decided whether a third party would come into the picture for the new look IECC.

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Many portions of the present structure may face demolition including the iconic Hall of Nations, the first pillar less structure in India. However, the authorities believe that the new structure is to justify the technical, financial and cultural Resurgence of India. The Integrated Exhibition cum Convention Center would compete with Crystal Palace of London, Biosphere in Montreal and other big names in the world once completed.

Pragati indicates Improvement and Development and the Government of India wants to recalibrate the iconic structure for the same.