Portland Violence
Source: AP

Portland violence has killed at least one person. The incident happened late on Saturday night when the supporters of Donald Trump and Black Lives Matter protestors clash in the streets of Portland, Oregon.

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Even though it is not immediately clear whether the shooting was triggered by the fights that broke out. Almost 600 vehicles caravan was confronted by the protestors of the Black Lives Matter in the downtown of the city. The police medics were trying to work on the body of the victim who seems to be a white man, reported Associated Press.

Portland Police Bureau released a statement that officers heard a gunshot from Southeast 3rd revenue and Southwest Alder street area. When they responded, they located a man with a gun wound on the chest. Unfortunately, he succumbed to the gun injuries.

Portland has seen many nightly protests ever since George Floyd was killed. Hundreds have been arrested before by the Oregon and Federal law enforcement before the shooting. The police also advised the residents to avoid downtown before.

This was the third Saturday when Trump supporters have rallied in the city. When they arrived in the city, the protestors tried to stop the rallies by standing on the street and the bridge. This led to fighting. Things were hurled at each other including paintball pellets and bear spray, eyewitnesses claimed.

The Portland Police confirmed that the fighting and said that in some cases arrests have been made. Early on Saturday morning, the fire was set outside the police union building which is frequently used by the protestors. The Police declared riot promptly after that.

Mattresses and other debris laid against the door of the union building was set on fire, the police confirmed. In the street nearby, at least one dumpster was also set on fire.

The Portland violence comes days after shooting at the Kenosha where two people were killed.

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