Source: AP

Portland Police has spent at least $6.9mn on overtime in June and July. The overtime has skyrocketed as the demonstrations continue in Portland. According to KATU News, the Portland Police Bureau spent this whopping amount only for June and July. This is a 200% increase compared to the last year. The police spent almost $2.3mn last year.

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The protest started in May in Portland. The overtime spending is half in June and July for the entire year so far. From January to the end of July, the police have spent $11.4mn, as compared to $7.7mn last year for the same period.

However, overtime isn’t the only cost that the Portland Police is bearing. As per the KATU news nearly $50,000 on different chemical mutations, pepper spray, and other related items on June 1, after the protests began in Portland.

Police have spent another $20,398 on mutations and equipment in mid-June. This includes $8000 for 260 teargases canisters. The cost also includes fencing during the protest.

In June, Mayor Ted Wheeler’s office said that Portland has spent $30,000 on wooden fencing to surround City Hall. However, it was taken down shortly after being installed. The Police Bureau has spent more than $40000 on fencing in June and July.

Fencing around Chapman and Lownsdale square PPB spent more than $35000 on fencing. There were $20000 of that total was for damages and lost equipment.

Portland has seen a series of violent protests. People from Black Lives Matter and Trump supporters even faced each other. One Trump supporter was killed as well in the violence.