Police Brutality Chicago
Armando L. Sanchez/Chicago Tribune

Police brutality has been the topic of debate and protests in American recently. Since the death of George Floyd, protestors have thronged in to oppose police brutality, especially against the Black Americans. The Black Lives Matter protest is based on the same. However, the shooting incidents refuse to die down in America. In a recent incident, police fatally shot a man in the early hours of Saturday in Chicago, Illinois.

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According to Chicago Tribune, Police received a call at around 1:40 AM of a stabbing. The officers were dispatched to 4900 Block of South Lavergne Avenue in the Vittum Park neighborhood. Chicago Police Spokesperson, Sergent Al Stinites, said that police found the victim and got the description of the offender.

However, Police later confirmed that while the officers were speaking to the victim, and unknown individual attacked one officer and stabbed him on the vest, with a knife.

The officer deployed a taser to the attacker. However, even though it hit him, he managed to remove the prongs and tried attacking the officer again. Additional units were fired at that point in time. The attacker was killed at the scene, as per the Chicago Police. The incident took place at the 5000 Block of W 50th St.

The condition of the first stabbing victim is unknown. However, the officer was not seriously injured. The police information suggests that the man was shot multiple times and pronounced dead at the scene. Three officers were taken to the hospital for observation.

It is however unclear how many bullets were fired. It is yet to be confirmed whether the officer had anybody camera to record the footage. There is no report of eyewitness to the incident as well.

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability is investigating the incident, from the Police brutality point of view, confirmed Chicago Tribune. The man is yet to be identified. A knife is recovered from the crime scene.