Pakistan International Airlines or PIA has reportedly suspended the Karachi Mumbai flight from May 11. According to the reports, the National Carrier of Pakistan has decided to drop the only weekly flight connecting the neighbouring country. The flight was also cancelled on May 4.

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The reports came after the two countries have frequently exchanged fires at the border. India has accused Pakistan of cross border terrorism in Kashmir and soldier mutilation as well. The tensions between the countries have increased in recent times. The two countries also find themselves against each other at the International forums like UN.

PIA suspended Karachi Mumbai Flight
It has been said that the move came after the increasing tensions between the countries. It is also possible that the Government interfered to stop the PIA flight. However, that is the least likely reason. Pakistan and India hardly hit their business interests even during the spiked tensions. Pakistan still has the Most Favoured Nation status from India, which they have never reciprocated. Pakistan does not generally cut off the connections. Even the bus between Sri Nagar in Kashmir to Muzaffarabad in POK does not get suspended for a long time.

PIA flight from Karachi to Mumbai has suffered huge financial losses in recent times. The flight has never really minted profits for the airlines and that might have prompted the National Airlines of Pakistan to call off the flight. This would not hit the aviation industry hard and will have little impact believe the experts.

However, Pakistan may cash in the situation by terming it as a Political decision rather than a financial decision believe many.