Philippines Drug War has left more than 400 people dead. The war that President Rodrigo Duterto has waged against the people involved in Drugs racket in the country.

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President Rodrigo Duterto won the election in May and he promised to get rid of drug crime in six months. But it has now resulted in fear and terror in Philippines. Many have claimed that innocents are getting killed in the name of drug offence. The protest in Philippines can be seen as the Filipino Slums and Human Rights Observers call it Extra Judicial Killings and Anti Drug Vigilance.

What more surprising is the way people are getting killed. According to AMP, 211 people out of 402 officially killed so far are by unknown gunmen. However, they would leave a message on cardboard stating the crime of the person killed.

A woman with her dead partner - Source HT
A woman with her dead partner – Source HT

The Philippines Drug War has now taken a dangerous stride. Anybody is getting killed and there is hardly any scope of justice even if the dead is an innocent. Reports have claimed that many dead people are in fact poor and that hardly justifies the claim of Drug racket.

Cardboard message left by killers - Source HT
Cardboard message left by killers – Source HT

President Rodrigo Duterto has started a war on his own country and that is completely undemocratic. Killing mass by unknown gunmen can become more dangerous in the coming time and that can create instability in the country.

Philippines Drug War has also huge impact on the economy of the country and experts believe that investment may hit badly due to the same.

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