Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid NYFW 2016

Supermodel Gigi Hadid is on the roll and shortly will be getting together for the second time with trendy fashion house Tommy Hilfiger to create Tommy x Gigi season 2. Her first Tommy Hilfiger fall fashion line debuted on the New York Fashion Week runway in September 2016.

After which there was a significant increase in the sales of the Hilfiger retail and e-commerce sections. No wonder they want Gigi Hadid to continue as their global ambassador and bring out another sophisticated and chic line of fashion accessories and clothing. The first collection sold out pretty quickly, especially when customers with an American express blue card could take advantage of the complimentary 2-day shipping Tommy Hilfiger offers. This collection is predicted to do the same, who wouldn’t want to dress like a super model?

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Tommy Hilfiger Gigi Hadid 2016 collection

The capsule collection features voguish polos, to die for jeans collection, hoodies, and stylish bomber jackets. It also includes a stunning footwear line, fragrance, and other accessories. 14 product options have been put on display for the consumers on Tommy Hilfiger, and Tommy Hilfiger social sites. The interesting part is consumer’s worldwide get to vote for their favorite piece aptly titled ? to be Part. Voting ends on October 31st.

The four most loved looks will be selected to represent during the February 2017 #TOMMYNOW fashion show and will be instantly available for purchase the moment they hit the runway. What do we expect? Fans lapping up the young and refreshing Gigi Hadid fashion line. She already has a strong social media presence just like her boyfriend Zayn Malik. Desginers are now roping in more young popular faces to boost their sales to the teen crowds.

It’s people’s say all the way! The modish street style collection will soon turn out to be a smash hit. How Deep is your ? ! Happy Voting!

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