G7 Environment Accord could not go through on Paris Agreement as the United States continue to snub the agreement. The G7 statement of announcing Paris Agreement as “Irreversible” was not supported by the United States leaving the key allies and industry partner frustrated.

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The United States has refused to be part of the Paris Agreement for the Climate Change. President Donald Trump is the only leader in the world perhaps who has called the Climate Change as the hoax and said that the agreement would cost job and economy of United States. The pledge signed by Canada, France, Japan, Germany, Italy and Britain was incomplete because the United States refused.

The Canadian Environment Minister has expressed her displeasure and said that it is sad that the United States has become a footnote for the climate change. The other countries have said that Paris Agreement is the only way forward to save the planet earth and it would also create a huge amount of jobs in the various parts of the world. However, the America First Policy does not really bother about the Earth, and as of now, United States of America is losing its allies fast.

As per the Paris Agreement backed by almost 200 countries, the world would try to reduce the global warming by 2 degrees or less by 2100. The United States, the second highest carbon gas emitter in the world had to cut down 20%-26% of carbon gas emission from 2005 to 2025. However, the United States under Donald Trump considers this as an unfair deal.

The United States has defended itself and said that the authorities are reconsidering the decision for negotiation or to form a new agreement beneficial for the United States. However, as it is said the agreement of Paris is non-negotiable and considering the present scenario, United States may not find any ally to support their own agreement.