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Parenting is a responsibility and should never be neglected. In today’s world, the parenting has been impacted by a large scale. The busy parents and No Personal Life has hit the kids hard. If you are a parent and reading this; then this statistics will change your style of parenting. There are a lot of parents who are admittedly very busy in their life as they have to work. However, parents could hire a nanny or an au pair to help them out. This is becoming an increasingly more popular thing that people are doing to help them with raising their children. So if you are interested in becoming an au pair (as this way you can experience a new country and help look after kids), then you could easily check out a site like Cultural Care Au Pair. However, you need to think about what is best for you and your children first before you hire a nanny or something. As the most important thing is making sure that your children are happy.

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According to a study, the parenting has an adverse impact on the future of the kids. The level of intelligence, behaviour, studies, income, marriage life and lifestyle of the kids are dependent on the parenting skills.

The study defines the style rearing up through some labels. The Supportive Parents are going to give their kids the best environment to grow and learn. It has been seen that these kids do the best in their life.

The Strict Parents often do more harm to their kids. These kids do not really build confidence and often remained socially uninvolved. The trust factor always acts with these kids.

The Abusive Parents may destroy the future of the kids. The kids may develop mental illness and show a lack of growth in their future.
The Indulgent and the Uninvolved parents generally do not spend time with the kids. They often suffer from the behaviour problems and struggle in life.

The study also mentioned about the time spent with the kids. It can have a large impact on their life. The more time the parents spend with the kids, the brighter would be the future for them.
Do you have kids? Well, then ensure that this guide to parenting is properly implemented.