Pangong Tso Lake

Pangong Tso Lake has remained the point of confrontation for India and China. It all started when China broke its own norm and started building camp in the disputed area of LAC between Finger 4 and Finger 8 in the Pangong Tso area.

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Despite several talks, military and diplomatic, things did not materialize. Things turned worst when PLA and the Indian Army confronted each other on LAC. 20 Indian soldiers were martyred and around 40 Chinese soldiers were killed in the confrontation. Chinese Communist Party however did not reveal the official figure and only commented there were causalities.

What happened next was quite expected. India China relations went downhill. India started banning Chinese apps, curbed imports, canceling contracts of Chinese companies and the military was alert on the border. The talks were still going on not to further escalate the issue. However, when the talks were going on, PLA tried intruding in Indian territory yet again. They were pushed back. But that was it.

PLA just pushed things too far this time. Indian Army decided to capture the hilltops in the LAC area which were vacant before in a pre-emptive move. Chinese camps were destroyed, PLA fled the camp, reports claimed. Strategic hills like Helmet Top, Black Top, and others came into the control of India. Chinese Army tried to regain control but was pushed back every time. They even tried firing in the air to scare the Indian soldiers, as the talks were going on, but the Indian army was firm at the top.

Even though the Indian Defence Minister and Chinese counterpart have spoken after the incident, nothing concrete came out of the discussion. The latest talks between Foreign Ministers of both the country did not yield much result either. It is understood that both countries could not reach a common ground to resolve the Pangong Tso Lake issue.

What next?

India has started sending supplies, forces, bunkers, and other essentials to the hilltops near the area. It is clear that as winter comes, the Indian Army is going to protect the snow-clad mountain tops from the PLA. The Chinese PLA isn’t going anywhere too. They have bought their supplies and have heavily militarized the zone. Both the armies are prepared a long haul at the Pangong Tso Lake.

Who has the Advantage?

Indian army has been protecting the Siachen from the last many decades. The freezing temperature of Siachen glacier is more inhabitable than Pangong Tso lake. Defense experts in India say the Pangong Tso area is like a Picnic spot for the Indian Army as compared to Siachen. The experience of the army in the mountain regions of India is a huge advantage. PLA on the other hand never stayed much in the freezing temperature. PLA is considered to be an army of the plane. As per one report of the US, the Indian Army is one of the toughest in mountain regions in the world.

But that is not all. India has been fighting against the hostile neighbors since Independence to protect the sovereignty of the land. PLA on the other hand has hardly fought two wars in the last 50 years. They have however applied force on their own citizen.

Indian Army is always battle-ready and when it comes to protecting mountain tops, there is hardly anyone better than them. The most important thing, Chinese Communist Party can boast about military capability, but deep down, they know, India is battle hard and a superior force in the mountain.