Woman infected with COVID19
Source: The Sun

A woman infected with COVID19 took her son to school and then went to a beach to surf. The police however followed her then and arrested her, just like a movie scene in one of the top tourist spots of Spain. Local police came and arrested her in handcuffs in hazmat suits at La Zurriola beach, San Sabastian.

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She was charged for breaching the quarantine rules after testing positive for COVID19. Reports suggest that she first went to drop her five-year-old son to school before heading to the beach.

As per the Spanish Media, when the police arrived, the woman infected with COVID19 was in the water. She stayed for another 15-20 minutes before the police got hold of her. The police asked her to leave as she has been tested positive. However, she went to another shoreline for swimming instead. She even refused to wear a face mask initially, told eyewitnesses.

The Mayor of San Sebastian has termed the behavior irresponsible. The name of the woman and her child is not revealed in the media.

The woman was reportedly a lifeguard coach at the La Concha beach in San Sebastian. The colleagues of her reportedly found her out in the water and informed the police, reports suggest.

The woman faces a fine of up to $10,000. However, if someone else is infected because of her action then the fine can go up to $180,000.

Spain is the worst impacted country in Europe from the coronavirus pandemic. The country has already witnessed more than 500,000 cases from COVID19.

Health experts have blamed the irresponsibility of the people for the spreading of the virus. This was another prime example of the same.