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Call it pandemic 2021 or a dreadful year, but things are likely not to become any better. According to scientists, the world should brace itself for a cruel 2021. The Hunger Pandemic is due to hit the world in 2021 and there is hardly any chance to stop it if the world leaders do not act now.

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The COVID19 has impacted the world in more than one way. It has devasted the economies around the world and changed many equations.

David Beasley, the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize winner, who also runs the World Food Program told that ‘we are on the brink of a hunger pandemic.’

Everything in the world is connected and thus it has a ripple effect. The environmental problems were already making it hard for everyone. The bushfires, drought, rains, earthquakes, and many other calamities have already impacted the crops and food.

One would say, what’s new in that? Well, when coupled with the Great Lockdown and the collapsing economy, things go beyond control. Farmers do not have adequate people to work. The production has hit badly.

People have left the fields. The farmers do not have enough laborers. The job losses have created a money crunch and demand fell. The lockdown has created a million obstacles for transport and logistics and manpower too.

If we put everything together, things are only going downhills from here. Even if things get back to normal after the vaccine in 2021 which is likely but not certain, it will not be easy for the world.

The Hunger Pandemic is almost certain. However, the worst fear is that Pandemic 2021 can kill more people than Pandemic 2020.

The world leaders must wake up to the near reality and start helping the farmers along with the industries to save the world from far worse.