Pakistan to US – Play your role for Kashmir, but failed to get response

Pakistan recently welcomed members of US Senate delegation in the country and convinced them of the progress the country has made. The US Senate came to get the reports of the funds it releases for the various projects in Pakistan, especially FATA and Khyber region for irrigation.

Briefing the members of the Senate, Prime Minister assisted by the Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar, Advisor to Prime Minister Sartaj Aziz. Prime Minister told that the country is fighting against the terrorism. He also told that his country is playing a key role in the peace process in Afghanistan. He also told that the US must involve Pakistan for the process. However, Afghanistan has time and again accused Pakistan of supporting the terror activities.

Pakistan has once again asked the United States to play a role in solving Kashmir issue. Prime Minister told that there is oppression in Kashmir. India has told the world how Pakistan infiltrates the terrorists to destabilize Kashmir. The religious extremism is spread by Pakistan since a long time.

Syed Salahuddin, the Hizbul Commander, operates from Pakistan. He has been designated as a Global Terrorist by the United States. He openly told the Pakistan TV Channel that he operates the terrorism activities in India and Kashmir. However, Pakistan PM has often made the Hizbul as Freedom fighters, exposing the nexus between the state and the terrorists.

However, the Unite States Senates did not respond to the requests made by the Pakistan. Pakistan has often asked the US to interfere, whereas India has remained firm that the bilateral issue with Pakistan must be resolved bilaterally.